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Dental Implants Information

Dental Implants is a technological modern means for the replacement of missing teeth, giving back both function and aesthetics to your teeth. Dental Implants can serve as a means of replacing all your teeth, or just one tooth. Stabilizing loose dentures or completely replacing them. The logistics is really quite simple, small fixtures made of medical grade titanium are placed in the jaw where they serve as support for crowns or bridges.

Classically, Dental Implants are inserted into the jaw as part of the first step. Over the next two to six months the implant is allowed to naturally fuze with the jawbone. In this time period a temporary tooth replacement may be worn over the healing site, as well as a healing abutment.

The last step is to place a crown or prosthesis, which restores function and esthetics. Most patients find their Dental Implants so comfortable that they forget they ever were missing any teeth.