Dr. Beverly M Glass Salisbury Ocean City Dentist Periodontist

The Cost of Dental Implants

The Cost of Dental Implants from $525! Now that I have your attention, let me explain. The actual cost of a dental implant can be misleading and in many cases becomes part of the old “bait and switch,” scam. If you need an implant, there are several steps and/or fees involved.

They include:
•Examination Extraction(s)
•Bone graft or site preservation
•The abutment(s)
•The restoration(s)
•Associated office visits and x-rays

Because of the multiple phases and fees, anyone could set the cost of the implant at any number and adjust the other fees to compensate accordingly.

When it comes down to it your total fee is going to be considerably the same for work performed by any reputable dentist with proper credentials.

The following is a list of variables that exist when getting Implants?
•The cost of the materials. We use only implants manufactured in the USA to ensure quality and safety.
•Where the procedure is performed. In order to maximize quality and safety,
our implant surgery is performed in a special surgically clean environment and not in a standard dental treatment room,
where teeth cleaning and fillings are performed.
•Use of sterile disposables. We maximize the use of disposable instrumentation again to ensure quality and safety.
•Guarantee. All our implants come with a lifetime guarantee (see office for details).