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    • Specializing in bone regeneration and site development for implant placement, including ridge augmentation and sinus lifts. Immediate implant placement and TIAD (Teeth in a Day) with emphasis on prosthetic protocols are some available treatment options provided.Dr. Glass has recently completed a two and a half year fellowship in Cherry Hill, NJ with a world renowned implantologist, as well as numerous advanced courses related to all phases of implantology.It is with this extensive training that we look forward to accepting the challenge of the pursuit of excellence in the ongoing biologic and technical growth of the continuously evolving science and art of implantology as seen from the speciality of periodontology.

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    • Healthy Teeth. Healthy Gums. Healthy Life.
      There is research that is ongoing showing that heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis are potentially linked to severe gum disease. Researchers have found evidence that the amount of bacteria in subgingival plaque may contribute to an individuals risk of a heart attack, according to 2 studies appearing in the Journal of Periodontology. These 2 studies further researchers’ understanding that the periodontal bacteria may increase the risk for heart disease. In one study researchers looked at 150 individuals with periodontal disease and found that the total number of periodontal bacteria in subgingival plaques was higher in individuals that have suffered from an acute myocardial infraction. The second study found that the same DNA from different kinds of periodontal bacteria in plaque was also in the patients’ heart arteries. Researchers believe that these findings may help substantive what they have long known; if there is a sterile pathway such as a bloodstream near a periodontally infected area, the bacteria from this infected area cause inflammation in the gums that opens up pores in the surrounding blood vessels, which enables the bacteria to enter the bloodstream, travel to other parts of the body and cause great harm. These studies represent 2 in a large body of research that investigates the possible link between periodontal disease and other systemic conditions such as heart disease. (Source: American Academy of Periodontology, May 2005)
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