Patient Testimonials



    • SuzanLong Neck, DE. Patient




    • DianeSalisbury, MD. Patient

      “Dear Dr. Glass, I don’t know if you have heard, but Bob passed away very suddenly on Tuesday 1st September,. I want to thank you for all the years of wonderful care you gave to him. He thought you were the very best. Best Regards, Diane”


    • Susan Long Neck DE Patient

      “I had a brain hemorrhage in 2002. I had breast cancer in 2005. Yes I have issues. However, the bigger issue actually was what the chemo had done to my teeth. My teeth were never really strong but they did serve their purpose. However, chemo had taken a serious toll on them.
      I went to a couple of dentist in Delaware where I live and they were just not compassionate. I found a dentist in Maryland, Dr. Erin. I will be forever grateful to her for introducing me to the dentist that changed my life: Dr. Beverly Glass.
      The first time I went to Dr. Glass, I started crying, she hugged me, and told me everything would be okay. The chemo had taken a very serious emotional toll on me. Throughout the whole ordeal, Dr. Glass and staff all were so compassionate.
      Because of the brain hemorrhage, the right side of my neck hurt and because of the breast cancer, the left shoulder. So, being in the chair more then 30 minutes hurt. They would put a pillow under my arm, change my position, and give me a break to sit up. Dr. Glass even gave me her cell phone number.
      I had to have implants because of my gage reflex. Really bad. Yet each and every time we had to do anything like x-rays or impressions, the staff whoever was doing the work would talk to me, hold my hand, whatever it took to get me through it. And sometimes it took more than one person. And they always told me it was alright, I was doing good. And I could not afford 6 implants so Dr. Glass work especially hard to get the teeth fitted for 4 implants instead of 6.
      I spent 26 years in the military between the National Guard, Active Duty, and finally retiring in the Reserves. I even went overseas in the first Desert Storm. Yet, I was afraid of going to the dentist. But each and every trip they all made sure I was okay.
      When I have the money to the bottom, no matter where I am, I will come back to Dr. Glass.
      I will always be grateful to them for EVERYTHING they did.


    • Jim Moore Salisbury MD Patient

      “Dear Beverly, I received the package when I visited the post office on Tuesday the 18th. Inclosed is a check to cover the product, shipping and the mailing charge from your office. Thank You. I cannot close without saying that God has given you many gifts, not only great beauty and the talent needed to be superior in your profession, but also an inner beauty that few women posses. It has been my pleasure to be your patient. Sincerely Jim Moore”


    • Stephanie Voorhees NJ Patient

      “Dr. Glass, I am very happy with my Botox and am overdue for sending a thank you letter! I hope all is well with you. “


    • Soraya Salisbury MD Patient

      “Dear Dr. Glass, Thank you so much for driving me home. It really touch me because you are a very caring person.”


    • Sharon Hebron MD Patient

      “Beverly, Thank you for all the extra care you have given me over the years. You’re a wonderful doctor and a dear friend. “


    • Mabel Berlin MD Patient

      “TO: Dr. Glass & Staff It’s nice to know that there are still people who take such pleasure in doing special things and making others feel good… Thank you. You’re really someone special. I am grateful for your caring service. Your gift put a smile on my face. With a grateful heart I say thank you!”


    • Larry Milford DE Patient

      “Dr. Glass,
      It has now been a week since having my abutment and crowns. These words can not explain my satisfaction with the outcome. Your expertise for the fit, and the color tinting you specified to the lab is amazing to me.
      The extra time and effort you have taken in the difficult surgeries (even at no charge) was greatly appreciated.
      After 50 years without a front tooth, I can not believe the appearance and the new level of confidence I now have. I can now smile and not be concerned about covering up the gap that was there. I may even start dating again, LOL. I know this sounds weird but, I look forward to getting the next 4 implants that are scheduled with your office.
      Please give a special thank you to your staff for the extra mile they have gone for me.
      It is not very often in this day and age when you receive service over and beyond expectations, I can truly say you have far exceeded.
      It is very vivid, our original consultation, the extra time you took, even taking my personality into account and explaining that I would not be satisfied with any alternative method except implants, you were dead on. I could not be happier.
      I can not thank you enough for your skills, expertise and the extra care you have given me. You have been a special blessing to me.

      God Bless,


    • Kimberly Millsboro DE Patient

      “Dr. Beverly, Thank you for allowing my mom to visit and a special thanks for making a scary experience less traumatic! I could tell the first time I met you, that you are good at what you do. So glad you are taking care of my smile! Thanks for everything!”


    • Karen Fruitland MD Patient

      “Dr. Glass and Staff, Thank you so much for my beauty products and travel case. Also thank you so much for allowing me to have a beautiful smile on my wedding day! I appreciate all you have done. See you soon,”


    • AFrank Delmar MD Patient

      “Dr. Glass and staff, I appreciate all the paper work you do to get my claims through. Many many thanks,”


    • Ellie Salisbury MD Patient

      “Dear Dr. Glass, Yesterday, in the mail, I received a most lovely and delicious surprise – the Revolution teas you sent to me. I have been a tea lover for many years, and these teas will be enjoyed very much. I love to try new teas. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Your thoughtfulness, warmth, caring and excellent therapy has been a joy for me. Many good fortunes and wishes for your present and future undertakings, and again, thank you for the “surprise.”You are a very special person!”


    • Danielle Ocean View DE Patient

      “Dr. Glass, Thank you for everything. I am so very pleased with the way everything turned out. You did a great job. I know it was a difficult case. I was so upset when I first came and your friendly faces made it easier. Thank you again. See you in a year!


    • Christina Hebron MD Patient

      “Dear Dr. Glass, Thank you so much for all of your great care and work on my teeth. You have taken such excellent care of me and I am so thankful for you and your staff this Christmas. God bless you all this Christmas and New Year.”


    • Tony Pittsburgh PA Patient

      “Dear Bev, Thank you all soooo much. You are God sent. Thanks again. “


    • Carol Glena MD Patient

      “Dear Dr. Glass & Staff, A note to thank you all so much for your kindness and patience with me. I am so very glad to have it behind me and look forward to the future with “new teeth”. Again – thank you all for your help. Warm Regards,”


    • Alice Hebron MD Patient

      “Dear Dr. Glass, I was very impressed with your expertise, patience and compassion.”


    • Angela Chestertown MD Patient

      “Dear Bev, I had to buy this card! Just wanted to drop a note and say I truly appreciate your skill and dedication to being the best at what you do. This process has been long and I feel for people that do not have someone like you in their corner. Thank you”


    • PeterPatient

      “Dear Dr. Glass, It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving for me to say how grateful I am to have you in my life. Your care speaks for itself. I am truly Blessed with gratitude. Fondly Peter”


    • AprilPatient

      “Your courteousness, compassion and generosity did not go unnoticed and will not be forgotten. Thank You, April”


    • DaniellePatient

      “Dr. Glass, Thank you for everything I am so very pleased with the way everything turned out. You did a great job I know it was a difficult case. I was so upset when I first came and your friendly faces made it easier. Thank you again. See you in a year. Danielle”


    • ElicePatient


      “Your thoughtfulness, warmth, caring and excellent therapy has been a joy for me. You are a very Special Person.

      Sincerely, Elice”


    • M.Patient


      “Thank you so much for taking the time to examine my tooth and checking the other ones. Filing it down made it so much smoother. Thanks for all the advice & knowledge. I appreciate it very much.

      Sincerely, God Bless, M.”


    • B.Patient


      “M. and I are so grateful for your generous gift of love and most professional care and expert advice. You and Crystal were such a blessing to us. Thank you always.

      Sincerely, Love in Christ, B.”


    • J.Patient


      “Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for the kindness you’ve shown me! God blesses us so we in turn can bless others and that is certainly true with you! I never expected you to do so much for me. Over my lifetime God has shown his mercy to me. I pray for you every day and will continue to do so. May God continue to bless you – as you have been such a blessing to me.

      Sincerely, J.”


    • G.Patient


      “I want to thank you for all that you have done with helping me with my implant. You’ve gone above and beyond with what you had to do.

      Sincerely, G.”


    • J.W.Patient


      “Thanks for your quick and thorough care last week. A few days of Ibuprofen & I was much better. It seems that I had something else, still unknown. But, it was nice to see you again & to know that you’re there to help.

      Sincerely, J.W.”


    • CPatient


      “I’d like to thank you for my wonderful teeth you gave me and also, you took away the fear I had to visit a dentist. We don’t see each other so often anymore, but this friendship will last forever – I hope my teeth do too!

      Sincerely, C”


    • L. & D.Patient


      “Thank you so much for taking good care of D. We so appreciate your kindness! We owe you big time.

      Sincerely, Love, L. & D.”


    • KPatient


      “You are my favorite Periodontist- and a very special lady with an amazing skill in dentistry.
      Have a great Christmas!

      Sincerely, Hugs, K.”


    • J.T.Patient


      “A personal note to thank you for the care & concern you showed me! I don’t believe I’ve ever been fussed over that much in my life. What you are doing for me is so very much appreciated & not unnoticed by our Savior! May God continue to richly bless you.

      Sincerely, J.T.”


    • BPatient


      “It was great seeing you again today. Thank you so much for your interest in my health issues. It is very reassuring to have a fighter on my side.

      Sincerely, Fondly, B.”


    • JPatient


      “Thank you for sharing your testimonials and clinical cases with me. It sounds like you are ahead of your time with Socket Shield!

      Sincerely, All the best, J.”


    • M.M.Patient


      “My Angels,
      Words cannot express how grateful we are for you three to help my husband with his teeth! This had been going on for over a year and I have been praying hard for the last month! You are all angels & God blessed us through you. You are an answered prayer. Without you, we don’t know what we would have done. So now, you are all three, my sisters in Christ!

      Sincerely, With all my love, M.M.”


    • PatriciaPatient

      “Greetings Beverly and Staff, On behalf of the Dental Hygiene Students and myself, thank you so much for sharing with us a great presentation about treatment that you offer to your patients. It is very clear that you are providing a service that is changing people’s lives in a positive way. As dental hygienist, we get caught up in our world and don’t realize the possibilities. Thank you for such an informative night, good refreshments and company. My door prize is especially nice too. Take Care and God Bless, Pat, Sheka and Susan”


    • ChristinePatient

      “Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my teeth! I absolutely LOVE! them and I cant Thank you enough for how they turned out. You and your staff are so sweet and have been such a blessing to me and I just wanted to tell you and Thank you!. Love Christine”


    • J., for K. & S. as wellPatient

      Dear Dr. Glass (Beverly),
      We are so thankful for your tender, loving care! I don’t know how we would have completed this journey with S’s teeth had it not been for you!
      You are our “divine appointment”. May our LORD of all glory pour out His powerful presence on you and your family. May He give you the desires of your heart as you delight in Him. May He bless your life with peace. May he touch the hearts of your children and continue to purse them with His unfailing love. May they fall in love with Jesus more and more. He will lead them and guide them in the path of righteousness for His glory. You are loved beyond measure!
      Joyfully His,



Testimony of the Socket Shield Technique


June 25, 2010
Dr. Markus Hurzeler, D.M.D., PhD
Dear Dr. Hurzeler


As an introduction, I am a periodontist in Maryland, USA. I trained under Dr. Alan Meltzer and have been honored and excited in learning at your presentations. Your passion for your work is contagious. I feel the same way!


While attending the Boston conference, I listened to you present research and a new technique of “socket shield”. I was thrilled listening, since, I had done the same procedure in 05/2008. I usually do the entire case, periodontics/prosthodontics myself but, this particular case was being done with a prosthodontist, whom I will just say does not agree with my philosophy of care. Therefore, the enclosed progress notes help to explain the dilemma.


But in everyday adversity, many times we can learn. In the case that I have sent to you, the extractions were demanding, as the bone quality was poor. If I had tried even with the most meticulous techniques to remove the upper canines, some facial bone would inevitably be lost. Keeping the cementrum and dentin was a choice that seemed biologically sound as long as the implant was placed palatally and a bone graft intervened between the implant and cementrum. No Emodogain was utilized.


At uncovering, I intentionally did full thickness flaps to “investigate” the results both of my own surgical technique, as well as the probability a “nude” implant, caused by missing facial bone, due to the prosthodontist’s unsound demands.


I am sending these to you, so that, perhaps they may add more research criteria. I love exploring new surgical options and would entertain meeting and discussing these surgical ideas with you, any time.


Please accept my sincere gratitude for your exhaustive work in the field of implantology. It is gratifying meeting fellow colleagues that enjoy their chosen career as much as you do.


I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.




Beverly M Glass D.M.D.

Enclosed: Surgical photos and notes



From: Markus Hurzeler []
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 3:55pm
Subject: your letter


Dear Dr. Glass, it was a great pleasure for me receiving your letter last week. I really enjoyed your thoughts and your case you sent me.
It is always like this. When one had an idea you can be sure that around the world you will find another person who does also had this idea. Your case is marvelous and demonstrate clearly my thinking. We have to elaborate more in this direction to get more data so this idea will in future truly help our patient. Thanks for sharing your case with me.
Warm regards
Markus Hurzeler


Markus B. Hurzeler (DMD,PhD) Credentials


Markus B. Hurzeler (DMD,PhD) received his dental degree from the university of Zurich, his certificate as a specialist in Periodontics from the Swiss Society of Periodontology, the Docent (Associates Professor) degree from the Department of Prosthodontics at Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany, and his certificate in Prosthodontics from the German Society of Prosthodontics.


He is Clinical Associate Professor at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Department of the Operative Dentistry and Periodontology and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Texas in Houston, Texas.


Dr. Hurzeler has produced more then 100 scientific publications within the field of implants, periodontology and tissue regeneration and is a regular national and international lecturer. He maintains a private practice focused on periodontics and implant dentistry in Munich, Germany.