About Dr. Beverly M Glass D.M.D.

About Beverly M Glass D.M.D.

Dr. Glass has founded the Center for Excellence where she is providing advanced implantology and periodontal care to all who call upon her services. She explains that the nature, scope and biotechnology of implantology has progressed tremendously over the years. In the beginning, dental implants were buried under the gums for six to twelve months. Today, she states, “We can provide immediate load implants in the same day.” Dr. Glass explains that the periodontist, that she worked with, and learned from, is given implant prototypes by implant companies and provides new implant therapy before the new technology is released to the main stream specialist. “It was so exciting for me to learn under one of the best surgeons/clinicians that I have ever known. I am excited and grateful for my tenure at his office and look forward to bringing this experience, knowledge and expertise, back home, to the Eastern Shore,” she expressed, with the passion for learning and excellence that all of her long term patients have come to know as her trademark.


Many times, as she explains, bone regeneration is necessary before dental implants can be placed. there is simply not enough bone for an implant. She wanted the public to be aware that this situation can be avoided, if, at the time of extraction of a tooth, should that become necessary, a bone graft is placed in the socket. This preserves the ridge where the tooth was removed. It has been well documented that bone loss following tooth extractions is significant, particularly within the first four months to one year and that this bone loss progresses over the lifetime of the individual even if a false tooth is placed. If anyone reading this article can take anyway any “pearls,” it is the need to reserve bone at the time of the tooth extraction. This becomes a very important service to patients.


Dr. Glass, a talented and superbly trained surgeon, understands the importance of healthy teeth, health gums, and a healthy life. Although surgical skill, training and knowledge are the cornerstones to excellent results in treatment, to ensure the best results she believes that it is vital to relate to patients as people, to understand their goals and to provide a treatment plan that is safe, biologically sound and effective. She personally individualizes each and every treatment plan for each and every patient.


Dr. Glass is traditionally trained as both a periodontist and implantologist. She takes a very good progressive approach to evaluating the latest techniques when it concerns patient care and recovery. She takes surgery seriously and understands the importance of good communication. The standard of care is no longer a full denture but an implanted supported denture providing more stability, thus giving the patient the ability to eat better, digest their food more efficiently and provide for great retention. All of these factors aid in an increased sense of well being, better nutrition, less health problems, increased self esteem and confidence. She explains however, that the patients are given all options, surgical and non surgical implant supported prostheses or non implant supported restorative treatment. It is her responsibility to effectively diagnose, treatment plan, provide explanations for all treatment options with models, pictures, CT scans, radiographs, and digital pictures. “My role is to help each patient find the best treatment choice, guide them in making an informed decision and finally provide therapy that restores a patients oral health, function and esthetics,” she says.


Dr. Glass believes in providing a broad spectrum of care by offering patients not only detailed information on all aspects of their procedures, but by incorporating ancillary treatments into the practice’s surgical and non surgical care protocol. Her mission, she explains, is to provide not only the finest surgical results but to raise the level of care and services beyond patients’ expectations. She hopes that by providing the most comprehensive care possible, patients will heal quickly, gain confidence, comfort and function, and feel like a member of her practice. Dr. Glass believes that more informed patients make more informed decisions, and by providing a number of ancillary treatments, including surgical vitamins, manual lymphatic massage, and platelet rich plasma, she is promoting and understanding of how your body’s natural growth factors help accelerate the healing process, thereby helping yourself heal, regardless of the type of treatment that is rendered, whether it be surgical or non surgical.


It is with this extensive training that Dr. Glass looks forward to providing patients with the highest level of treatment, care, and expertise that they deserve. She welcomes patients past and present.